Thoughts that written by ordinary woman who has been through lots in her life. There are the ups, the downs and the hurdles, but I manage. Through all that, I just lay my life to God. For the fun parts, I love dancing ( hip hop, street and LA style ), books, movies, eating, food, and just sleep!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Miss Him 'Till It Hurts

How could miss someone who did you wrong?
How could miss someone who hurt you through and through?
I know he's no good for me..but why I miss him?

I hate missing him and it's very awful when I miss him. It hurts so bad.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Better In Time

Quoting the lyrics from one of Leona Lewis' songs ; Better In Time. I think this song really suits me at this moment and other moments when I want to let go....

It's been the longest winter without you
I didn't know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through

Going coming thought I heard a knock
Who's there no one
Thinking that I deserve it Now
I realize that I really didn't know
If you didn't notice you mean everything
Quickly I'm learnin'To love again
All I know isI'm gon' be ok

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too
It'll all get better in time

And even though I really love you
I'm gonna smile cause
I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

I couldn't turn on the TV
Without something that'd remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings
If I'm dreaming
Don't wanna let that hurt my feelings
But that's the path I've been living
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn't notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I'm learning to love again
All I know is I'm gon' be ok

Since there's no more you and me
It's time I let you go so I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I'll be fine without you
Yes I will


Time will heal all the wounds right?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Lesson About Patience

Today, I learn again the value of patience, sharpening the ability to become patient. Whatever happened earlier, I decided to take it as practicing my patience. There's no use being impatient and rush things. What I got is only anger, frustration and agitation. In fact I hurt someone's else feeling by being impatient. I feel guilty about it.

Well, I guess it's time just sit back as watching the night sky and enjoy the moment.

PS : perhaps on the way become patient, I might lose temper or agitated or upset.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Patience Tested

All the patience I have is being tested these days. My efforts seem fruitless and dreams are shattered. Nothing that I wish and been praying for come into reality. So what I need is another bigger patience that I already I have.

Do you think I can go through this patience test?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Love Is Blind???

What's to look in his face? He's not that good looking. Compare to my gym crush ( wondering where he's been ?) he's not that hot. But why he's always in my mind? Why he's the one I miss ? He's the one who can create the butterflies in my stomach.

I tried to look for someone else, but no chemistry there. I really miss him. He probably doesn't........

Saturday, September 12, 2009

How I Miss You

I miss you badly. I miss everything about you. From your smell,your cheekiness, everything.

Do you miss me like i miss you ? If you miss me, never go away .
Hopefully, you'll come stay someday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Being Patient : Day 1

First day in applying my patience in life. Who says it's very easy? It's very difficult although it's not impossible to do it.

I'm still hoping to get the job, wishing that company to call me. If it is a great expectation then a short text message from him always make my day.

I've been missing him so bad, very bad.

However..anyway..even though the day went so wrong I wouldn't change a thing..just be patient..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Learning To Be Patient : Time to Cool

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble

-Titus Maccius Plautus-

Things are not going my way recently. I was anxiously waiting for the result of my interview and I kept my cell phone everywhere hoping it will ring. But it didn't ring at all. How crap is that? Love life isn't as I expected to be, working life is so boring, my dream to go to school seems shattered etc. I even mad to God how he makes my life so miserable. I want to cry, I want to scream how unfair the life is, I want to be mad.

Took me nearly 3 days to figure out that patience is all I need and I can't agree more to the quote above.

I don't need to dwell and I don't need to complain. What I need to do is accepting the imperfections in life. I need to find another opportunities. If somehow I fail to this interview it means I have to practice more for next interview. I will take it as reminder that I need room for improvement.

For school, I need to put extra effort..and for relationship ? Well just patient, he'll come when the right time comes.

Even I'm writing about patience today, doesn't mean I'm instantly become the most patient woman in the world. But more to my self learning and journey to become a patient person. Like every journey, there are always obstacles anc challenges along the way. There would be time I would lose my cool, there would be some people who pressing the angry button and so on. The only thing I can do is remind myself to be patient in everything.