Thoughts that written by ordinary woman who has been through lots in her life. There are the ups, the downs and the hurdles, but I manage. Through all that, I just lay my life to God. For the fun parts, I love dancing ( hip hop, street and LA style ), books, movies, eating, food, and just sleep!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

For The Love of Dancing

Everyone knows I love dancing. I can express myself through dancing, I can let out my sorrow through dancing. I love the new things in dancing, I love learning it. I'm not a professional dancer but I live with dancing.

So for the love of dancing, I'm taking extra time learning new styles at this dance community, Metro Soul Dance. The founder..the only guy in the picture, Tommy. He's also the instructor at Celebrity Fitness. He's good at street hip hop and LA style. Love him to death for his great moves. So here we are, in order supporting his dance community and for my love in dancing, last Thursday before Tommy's class, we took some snapshots. The quality may be not good, because only through mobile phone.

Mega, Tommy and me posing before class

Street hip hop enough?

Proud to be Metro Soul Dance Crew ^_^

Here we are with our dearest Lita ( don't judge her by her looks, she's a funk maestro ).

So yeah, I always excited when it comes to dancing. I'd travel all the way to western part of Jakarta just for dancing ( because different instructor different style ). I don't mind dancing for hours and hours. I just LOVE dancing!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning Photoshop

You know..I never interested to learn Photoshop, I always lean on my sister to make any designs that I need for my blog. But today, I discovered the excitement of learning Photoshop. And..peeps..please give big clap to Ms. Alia Aswinanda *clap* *clap* ..My first design using Photoshop it's the header of this blog.

If before I have no idea what to do during my 5 weeks summer holiday, now I know!! Beside giving private tutorial, I'm going to learn more applying my Photoshop knowledge.

Oh BTW, I haven't mentioned the reason why I suddenly so excited about Photoshop. It's the because the YearBook thingy. Third week of my job in new school, I'm assigned to do YearBook for my class at least. At first..I was like...*what* I have no idea how to use Photoshop, was thinking to pay my sister instead. But heyy...I'm no quitter! So I just Googled..and Googled, teach myself learning Photoshop.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review : Dan Brown Deception Point

This will be my first post about reviewing a book that I just finished reading, which is Deception Point. For those who doesn't know the author is Dan Brown.

I must put two thumbs up for his novel. I couldn't put it down until I finish reading it. He's such a great writer, he seems to know everything. This book is much to politics and scientific, very much different than his previous books that I read; Da Vinci Code and Demons and Angels.

Anyway, one of the great things about working in school ( especially in an international school ) is I can borrow any types of books from the library. Gosh...I miss reading books so much. And I've got two more books waiting to be read.