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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Single ( not really ) By Choice

I read an article about being single and why many women these days prefer being single. How women now is financially settled and they don't need men to support them. That article somehow tickles me. Is it true or there's another reason behind it.

I'm thinking that perhaps they choose to be single because they fed up with hurtful relationship? Or like me too tired being hurt, too tired to meet new people, too tired with the dating game or sometimes I feel lazy to meet new people, too lazy to make the firts move ( since I'm not a good seducer ? ). All those reasons, unconciously make me to the path of single life.

Well, I'm 31 years old not yet married. If I wanto to brag I have men lining up to be my boyfriend. But there's no chemistry ( except to him; he can't be named :P ) and I'm too lazy and tired for that kind of stuff.

So hmm...I don't choose to be single but it's more because I haven't found the right person and I don't want to be trapped in a relationship or a marriage just for a status.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Hate Blackberry!!!!

First of all let me out this hatred through a gadget called Blackberry and perhaps I'm the only woman who hates Blackberry in Jakarta. For busy businessman it's something you can live without, somewhat it's understandable. I have two reasons why I hate it. First, it makes people to have their own world. Imagine this, you are hoping to nice chat with your boyfriend but that "evil thing" makes your boyfriend busy instead with yourself. That's irritating.

Another example : hang out with your besties whom you haven't met for a long time, and this evil thing pops up and makes everyone busy with their own.

Secondly, people here would do anything to have Blackberry just for...status!

To be honest I really wish this stupid evil thingy called Blackberry never been invented.

Monday, June 15, 2009


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Envy : an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another's superior quality, achievement or possesion ( wikipedia )'s a feeling that I'm right now. I'm envy to my 2 friends. Both are getting married and now having holiday in Europe. Whilst I'm still here, still not knowing where this relatonship leads to. But it change a little to something better.
Yes, I do know it's very toxic emotion thus I'm trying to get out from it. I'm counting my blessings this holiday. Nothing big, but small blessings will do. So wish me luck. I don't want to be one envy bitch.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holiday, Envy, Emotional Ride and Birthday

Finally it's holiday for me. No work for 4 weeks and it's starting now!! I have no idea for my holiday this year. Wish could go travelling. But no money *hiks* ..anyone want to donate for my travelling???

As for envy, yeah..yeah..I got envy with my two friends who are so lucky to go to europe for free. But I remind myself with this quote "Envy is an art counting other's blessing"..well perhaps I'll get lucky in other things. Let's pray for it.

Emotional ride : it's all about him again but I can't describe it in here because I'm clueless as well. But one thing I takes one hell of effort to make this thing work, otherwise I'd be left hanging. And oh..while I'm writing this I got burst of jealousy.

My birthday is coming soon!!! Happy for will be receiving birthday presents ( I hope ). Another part is I'm getting older. knoww...I will definetely try to be happy, enjoy whatever in front of me. I may not be in Europe rite now but I will be fine. Jakarta is not so bad after all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Night Scracth

Okay, at this moment I don't have any shoulder to cry on. I'm sad, I feel bored, I feel nothing to look forward to, nothing excites me. Well, I can only bite the bullet and face the reality. The entertainment I have is gym. I'm not a big fan of jogging or run on the treadmill. Chasing my favorite instructor is nothing but tiring, far and expensive. My relationship is not moving anywhere. I didn't get extra money for supervising the exam. Shitty huh?

My only choice is the gym at Pondok Indah Mall. Not many options for dance classes. But what can I do? So treadmill and all those free weights are my shoulder to cry on at this moment ( except at home ).

I'm sleepy now. Not so a wonderful day but at least I went to the gym and burnt some calories. Just my way to get through this.