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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Not My Thing Anymore

Last Friday night, I discovered something new in my life. A little bit moving backward to few weeks life was totally BORING, there was no motivation, there was nothing to look forward to.

Anywaaayyyy, as the afternoon came to the end, my friend called me for a night out. Well, I thought there was nothing wrong with it ( although I was worried with the cost of the drinks ). FORTUNATELY , it was ladies night!!! Thus, I didn't need to pay and it was all free!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! my friend got too drunk, she got really annoying. She was into finding a date instead of having fun dancing with free drinks and she got too drunk!! The was awful, they need to watch MTV more often.

To sum up everything, clubbing is not my thing anymore. The night life is still the same as when I left it. Nothing new in there, as matter of fact, it's boring me more. Luckily, the drinks were free so in term of financial, there's nothing to regret. I'd curse myself if I had to pay!!

I think going to the gym, dancing or exercise or going for some retail therapy is more me than going clubbing.

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