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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 2 - Muffin Top Challenge ( My Confession )

As I'm entering the week two, the challenge is increasing. Now, I'm having PMS and pretty busy with work. From putting on class displays, practicing for school's International Arts Evening and getting all my students ready to perform ( they are really good ).

Okay, so today, I felt really really hungry and I could use a little bit of sugar rush, I took some of potato crisps ( seriously divine !! ). My hunger was satisfied with the taste and was a good energy boost.

However....there is one thing I really miss from my muffin top challenge and at this stage I'm not allowing myself to drink this. It's my favorite coffee. Whole variant of Nescafe coffee that come in the box. From Nescafe French Vanilla, Caramelicious and Original. I miss them sooooo...much...when I'm progressing enough I'll drink like mad probably. I don't mind cutting my carbs but not having my coffee is killing me.

Anyway, not my whole diet ruined, I had grilled chicken salad, avocado, and kiwifruit for lunch. I hope I'm still alright ( finger crossed ).

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