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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blabbing After A Long Time

My last post was about my trip to Singapore and when I visited Singapore again in June, I didn't even have time to update the trip. It's always the same excuse not to update my blog. I'm busy..well it's true ( justifying myself ) , can't find time to sit in front of computer and write something, when I had time to write, my pieces ended up as drafts, when I want to update it, I feel like it's not fit anymore.

Well, how am I doing? I'm doing fine, I love my new place. I have good friends in gym and at work. I enjoy the morning breakfast club in the staff room with my friends. Love the ambiance that always full of laughter, chit chat and jokes. It's my favorite time of my work. Loving my students for sure, they are cute as ever. I'm involved in many things, school excursions ( thank God all of them went so well ), PYP assembly and the upcoming is International Arts Evening where I'm the choreographer for local staff dance performance.

The sad news is, my favorite instructor,the person who taught me how to dance is leaving Jakarta next week. I miss him already. And for sure, my dancing time is decreased. There are other classes, but there's no dance class like his.

I'm learning again about photoshop, sharpening the skill, practice and practice. This motivate me when I saw print ad that says " Train like there's no finish line" . It sounds daunting and tiring but I guess in life you don't give in until your last breath.

Tough work, long journey but I know I can make it.

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