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Monday, March 23, 2009

Different Perspective

Once I read a quote like this : You can't change your life but you can change your perspective about life.

A different perspective! Hmm..what's this? Life can't be changed, sometimes we create that life. Well, if I look at myself after the break up, I'd say it's massively sucks. And takes a courage to see this matter in different perspective.

What's my perspective now? Things happens for a reason. That was my first initial realization. Then comes there must something I can learn from this.
And my perspective towards this break up is totally change. I begin to accept this my learning process. Learning to let go, learning to be stronger, train myself for what coming next, learning to be a fighter, the list can go on and on and on...but most important lesson, I learn to forgive.

After looking in different perspective, then it's not so bad after all. At least it eases the pain, I still think about him though but in good way..well it's his loss anyway....I deserve better.

So damn proud of myself....*big smile*
Behind every difficult person you meet, there's always lesson to be learned

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