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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Lessons to be Learned

Months passed and I haven't put anything into this blog. Now, I put myself into writing again.
I was busy with my own thoughts being engaged.
Yes, I was engaged and I was happy. Now, I don't know the status..he's just gone..we haven't been talking for weeks.

Well, anyway to keep it short for the weeks and months passed I pick up new lessons and learning new things.
First, my level of letting go reaches to higher level. Secondly, the days are given to me are the days to practice my patience. I'm grateful with that.

During my days when he's ignoring me, I read lots and lots articles how to become positive, how to become affirmative and bad things happen again...and what do you know I'm ready!!

When bad things happen, I asked God..why?why?? a while later He gave me answer and He gave me clues where I should go.

Life is long journey and you get beat up along the way. You fall and get up...
Now after all what I've been through I said to God "BRING IT ON!"

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