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Friday, November 19, 2010

Good or Bad, I Stand in Prayers

In my previous post,I was fuming out. It was not a right time to write anything. Two days have passed, I used my time to pray. Didn't take a long time that anger disappear.

I'm a true believer of praying. My prayer might not be granted straight away, but by praying I feel peace, one burden lifted up, like magic.

Praying builds up my positive perspective,brings hope, take me out from the dark. Four months ago, my life was falling part. I resigned from job, John Tucker cheated on me, my tutorial saved my financial problem. I couldn't breath easily. Praying was only I could do. Each day, each morning, each night, I prayed and prayed ( somehow being jobless made me have more time to pray ). I prayed for strength to face my problems, my sorrow.

Takes a while to put my life back together. Now, my life is back to its place. I got the job which I'm dreaming of. My new environment is very positive.

Two days ago, my anger towards John Tucker really filled my heart. Through prayers, I was easy to let go him. It was easy to make peace with him.

I don't know, what's in John Tucker's mind. But I pray, hoping God will make him realize the pain I've had gone through. I've done my part, let God do the rest. It's up to HIM what HE's going to do with John Tucker.

Whatever it's going to happen or what happened, I stand in prayers.

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