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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh Come On...Not Again!! Jerk!!

It was just recently that I finally made peace with the pain that this jerk gave me. My life is back to normal and I'm over him..I don't care what happen to him. And suddenly, on Sunday night ( 14/11/2010) this jerk message me through BB. Called me baby girl. At one point I'm happy because it means, opportunity opens for this jerk to return my friend's camera.

After few messages, he said this : can you keep a secret and promise not to write about it. I just agreed, nothing to expect. Then he wrote : I still love you.
That night he told me how he's been confused with his own feeling. Good thing I didn't trust him right away.

The next day, in the middle of me giving tutorial, I received a phone call from a woman and it came all they from England..where that jerk comes from. She claimed to be his girlfriend ( which I don't care and I could sense that he's seeing someone else over there ). She told me tons of facts about him. As much as I try not to care, it did ruin my mood. I had to keep myself together and be cool.
Thank God, after my tutorial I have my dance class.

At night,despite this jerk know a woman called me, he's still busy all dovey lovey with me. Telling me how he loves me. He wants to marry me blah blah.

To be honest, I really prefer not to know the details because I have gotten over him. Now I have to start all over again.

All the anger, the rage, filled my heart again. Thank God, for every storm in my life I stand in prayers. I managed to stay calm and cool.

There's still I want to get even with him..bigh time. So I wish him dead. I lied when I wish him. I DID NOT!! I try to wish him well, for my own sake, for my own heart

Oh God..I'm fuming out writing this. I just can't believe having relationship with him feels like roller coaster ride from HELL!

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