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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is It New Year Already?

loving my new hair!! not only my hair is new..I'm embracing changes

Yeahhhhh..!! Whoopp..whoopp...I don't know why, I'm feeling like New Year already. Everything is new in 40 days before new year. New hair, new work, new skill, new people I'm dealing with, new routine and (hopefully) new relationship. Not just that, I'm putting new attitude. I have new life lies a head, and I know I'm going through to it no matter what. Because I'm a survivor. I'm smiling back to the world.

In middle of August my life was like a bitch, time went by, day, week and month went by, cold and hot weather. I made it. My life that was shattered because of John Tucker, slowly back to its places. I've got a new job where the location is the same area as in my gym ( very cool ).

Some people wait for new year to make changes, to make differences in life. But..DON'T wait!! Make changes now! Don't be afraid with changes and you'll feel new year earlier than anybody else!

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