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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Random Thoughts in 2011

Helloo...Holaaa..As I wrote in my previous post, my new started very early,so I didn't put anything special on the first day of 2011. However, it was a great start of in year 2011. Special dance class at Central Park for 2 amazing hours!! Only happened at Celebrity Fitness Central Park.

So this is almost the second week of January, and it has been fabulous. I have been occupied with my tutorial. The national examination is getting closer for my students. We are all working hard to catch up. The relief part is, they are got accepted in one of the best IB schools in Jakarta. I'm so proud with them.

As's okay, I can't complain about it although every Thursday I have to run from PIM 1 to PIM 2 to catch my dance class ( I take it as warm up ).

Well..hmm...what else ? My life been busy, juggling between work and gym and tutorial. I have no day off.

Gotta go is waiting...*poof*

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