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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Writing About Food

Eating has been my one of many things I love to do. Today, I'm just going to write about food. I went to this newly opened cute restaurant, called TenTen. At first, I thought it serves sushi as well.

However, with the cute interior, I won't mind with the lack of menu varieties. So I ordered, all veggies tempura ( to justify for eating deep fried food ) and iced green tea. Really enjoyable lunch I had. I'm a big fan of Japanese food ( well..I'm a big fan of all kind of food ). And, after I had my tempura and miso stop would be Sushi Tei!! I miss their sashimi salad, jumbo yakitori and dragon roll. I'm hungry again...

Another thought for today : I think I'm in love..........

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