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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Thoughts for Today

Wednesday is my day off from work and I don't feel like to give tutorial today, to be even make me more lazy is the weather. It has been raining since last night. I'm trying to get back to sleep although it's already 10.30 AM.

So, here I am, with my mug of coffee, my favorite cookies; my mind start to wander. First stop, is the topic in online newspaper; a teenager committed suicide. The interesting part is this kid comes from a wealthy family. He supposed to go to college next January in one of best universities in Australia. He has bright future in front of him and why would he kill himself? To be honest, committing suicide had ever occurred in my mind. But comparing to this boy, my life was a big mess. However, I managed to live until this day. Finished reading the news, I realized the teenager suicide is a true example how money is not a guarantee for happiness. Being wealthy and got accepted in a reputable university don't make somebody strong to face the reality. Or..I don't know...people have their own ways to overcome their problems. But, it's a shame ending your life without Allah's will. Maybe if I could say to him..if you would just hang on for a little while, maybe things would be different.

My second thought; now stop in my guilty pleasure : BURGER KING!! I can't believe my workplace is just 1 minute away from Burger King. After weeks and weeks of trying not to get tempted to have the burger, my wall of defense fell down. I couldn't resist to try their new menu : Angry Angus with jalapeno and cheese. How was it? It was GOOD!!! DIVINE!! It tastes better than Big Whopper. Well, it's guilty pleasure indeed. Then during my break, I had body combat class, so at least the fatty part of angry angus didn't stay for long.

Next is, my picture in new work place, it's almost a month now and I haven't told what is it like. My new job is as Personal Tutor at Wall Street Institute of English. Fairly new in Jakarta, but it's a big and well known english institution . Very easy job, the level stress is not high and the best part is the payment is pretty good. With this new job, I have more time to focus on practicing my writing skill. The company allows me to join the writing workshop, allows me to have my "me" time sit in the front of my netbook to write. And by the way, one of the teachers here is also a journalist, so I learn a lot from him. Am I the luckiest woman on earth or what?

Well that's all my random thoughts for today. I'm person with full of thoughts and they can be anything.

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