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Monday, April 4, 2011

Singapore Day 1

Hellooww..I'm writing from Singapore now,I was ready for bed but my mind is too excited to sleep. I'm traveling with my friend Diane ( she's Australian and we were colleague ). We never thought we would travel this far. Well anyway, thank God we have the same school holidays. This is the first day, and there are a lot story to share!

Alright, our flight from Jakarta was delayed for 15 minutes,it was smooth take off and flight, until finally the pilot said prepared for landing. We felt that the plane slowly going down, then it flew up again! I what happened? We hit clouds and caused pretty rough turbulence. Our guess was must be the weather, and of course we were right ( the pilot finally told us soon as the plane touched the ground ). So, we arrived Singapore 1 hour behind the scheduled time! that was the flight. But the story it's not about that.

We arrived at Changi, passed the immigration, then we tried to look for cheap shuttle bus as said in internet. We were going around the circles for nothing. We asked some people, but they can't speak english, and one has speech difficulty. Our trip is finally getting better. We found the shuttle bus, cost only $9 and takes you right to your hotel. We've made hotel reservation online, we gambled how the hotel would be. Ok, the room is very small! but the great thing is FREE WI FI!! they also have converter ( save my netbook and blackberry's life ). We were tying to get that converter at City Hall and Bugis Junction but couldn't find it. Our brain seemed not connected with Singapore one.

Here's something funny ( or little bit frightening ), after freshened up, we went to City Hall and walked to Bugis from there. As we descended from MRT, my card didn't work. The gate didn't open. I was panicking! And suddenly the evil minx came across my mind. I thought, I could pass the gate when somebody tapping his/her card. I swiftly passed the gate, and since the gate is very close with MRT staffs, theres one Indian staff called out angrily " That's an offense lady!" To be really honest my heart stopped. I thought I'd go to jail! ( I don't want to give my 500SGD to him, it supposed to be for shopping ).You know how strict Singaporeans are. Oh Thank God, the other guy was nicer and let me do my card again. So, I got out with relief straight to Raffles City *whew*.

We had nice walk to Bugis Junction, bought nice scarves and sling bag. I haven't found the shoes that I want, but I can look for them tomorrow. Finished our shopping in Bugis, we headed to hotel. We challenged ourselves to walk from Novena station to hotel. The hotel staff told me to take bus instead. We did take bus on the way to Novena station, but on the way back no. We are gym babes! Walking is not an issue for us! Well turn out took 30mins walking from Novena station to hotel. Ok, we'd so slim by the time we are in Jakarta!

Didn't take many pictures on the first day, just these 2 pictures below.

Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer, view from the shuttle bus

This is heaven for foodie like me! Look all those food! It's just 5 minutes walk from our hotel

Well, that;s it the story for day 1. It''s starting good. Hotel turn out to be good,free wi fi, friendly and helpful staffs, nice hot water. We got good bargain in the first day, And..20% discount for Universal Studio's tickets!!! Yippeeee

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