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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Singappore Day 2

Alright, second day in Singapore! We started early, we went to Bugis first. I always like Bugis street and its area. The stuffs there are just cheap. I found toys for my nephew, cool stickers ( 2SGD each ) for my tutorial student.

So, we split up for while because we wanted to different ways and different interest. On the left here, is like a piazza at Bencoleen Street ( if I'm not mistaken ). Very attractive for me, lots of hawker food, knick knacks and very Asian*enough with Orchard Road*

Interesting asian style ice cream in the bun, and only cost 1SGD. Very nice in unpredictable weather. BTW, the weather changes in Singapore is same as in Jakarta.

Around that Bencoleen street, I found this rare delicacy, Cuttlefish Kan Kong, only cost 3SGD. The taste? Weird but delicious! I've never tasted this food.

After 3 hours of getting around, Bugis and Bencoleen street then Orchard Road, then we are off to...IKEA!! It's not Singapore if not going to Ikea. I don't know how many hours I spent in IKEA. I was soo busy taking pictures to my sisters, making sure these are the things they want. Thank you to the technology, making our life simpler.

My elder sister is giving birth this June, and so she made a long list what to buy in IKEA. The baby stuffs are cute!!! For myself, I got a new lunchbox, bed quilt, pillow, bed sheet...and...what else? *Can't remember what I bought*

I take the benefit and the pleasure walking in Singapore. Unlike Jakarta where walking is not a pleasant experience. We walked hours and hours in Singapore, my legs barely moved. Well, it is wise to bring pair of sneakers, but I don't have sneakers and I don't want to bring my Nike with me. So, ended up wearing flat shoes.

Then I found these , Scholl products, cost 4-5SGD, not bad ya? Put the patches on and...voila..I'm back hitting the Singapore street again!

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