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Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Year Later : Love Still Lingering And Still CraZY About YoU!

What do you know it's been 1 year that I know him. We broke up and make up. Until today, I have no idea what we are. It's sort of no string attach relationship.

Honestly, I still have huge feeling for him, a very huge..HUMONGOUS feeling! Does he has the same feeling as mine ? I'm pretty much hesitate about it.

Yeah..yeah I feel stupid having this kind of feeling and don't think I try. I tried to be out of love from him but my crush in the gym already has girlfriend and I haven't found anyone who can "rock my world".

Whenever I try to let go, I miss him again. I wrote the bad things about him so it's easier to let go but stilll...he's unfaithful, he doesn't love me the way that I love him, he's fussy and yet why do I have this feeling?

The only thing I can do is live my life regulary but I STILL MISS HIM! I know this is going nowhere. but I still keep the hope, the faith and persistent about this.

Whoooaaaaa...why am I still in love with him???????????? I wish he knew

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Lance said...

Hi Alia,
It's not hard giving up something that you think you've wanted, or even had - in the past. Yet the sign that he's unfaithful - right there alone is a sign that if this is happening now - it will likely continue to happen in the future. There is better out there for you. Much better. Don't give up hope of that. Ever.