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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Hate Blackberry!!!!

First of all let me out this hatred through a gadget called Blackberry and perhaps I'm the only woman who hates Blackberry in Jakarta. For busy businessman it's something you can live without, somewhat it's understandable. I have two reasons why I hate it. First, it makes people to have their own world. Imagine this, you are hoping to nice chat with your boyfriend but that "evil thing" makes your boyfriend busy instead with yourself. That's irritating.

Another example : hang out with your besties whom you haven't met for a long time, and this evil thing pops up and makes everyone busy with their own.

Secondly, people here would do anything to have Blackberry just for...status!

To be honest I really wish this stupid evil thingy called Blackberry never been invented.

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