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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holiday, Envy, Emotional Ride and Birthday

Finally it's holiday for me. No work for 4 weeks and it's starting now!! I have no idea for my holiday this year. Wish could go travelling. But no money *hiks* ..anyone want to donate for my travelling???

As for envy, yeah..yeah..I got envy with my two friends who are so lucky to go to europe for free. But I remind myself with this quote "Envy is an art counting other's blessing"..well perhaps I'll get lucky in other things. Let's pray for it.

Emotional ride : it's all about him again but I can't describe it in here because I'm clueless as well. But one thing I takes one hell of effort to make this thing work, otherwise I'd be left hanging. And oh..while I'm writing this I got burst of jealousy.

My birthday is coming soon!!! Happy for will be receiving birthday presents ( I hope ). Another part is I'm getting older. knoww...I will definetely try to be happy, enjoy whatever in front of me. I may not be in Europe rite now but I will be fine. Jakarta is not so bad after all.

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