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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Single ( not really ) By Choice

I read an article about being single and why many women these days prefer being single. How women now is financially settled and they don't need men to support them. That article somehow tickles me. Is it true or there's another reason behind it.

I'm thinking that perhaps they choose to be single because they fed up with hurtful relationship? Or like me too tired being hurt, too tired to meet new people, too tired with the dating game or sometimes I feel lazy to meet new people, too lazy to make the firts move ( since I'm not a good seducer ? ). All those reasons, unconciously make me to the path of single life.

Well, I'm 31 years old not yet married. If I wanto to brag I have men lining up to be my boyfriend. But there's no chemistry ( except to him; he can't be named :P ) and I'm too lazy and tired for that kind of stuff.

So hmm...I don't choose to be single but it's more because I haven't found the right person and I don't want to be trapped in a relationship or a marriage just for a status.

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