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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If I Can't Have My Dream Man, Can I have My Dream Shoes?

We can always dream, there are dreams are shattered, there are dreams come true. Some of my dreams come true, some are just shattered, some..I just decided to drop it.

I have a dream man. He's not that handsome, I'm not sure he's in the category. He's not athletic, in fact he's rather skinny. But I'm crazy about him. Totally crazy about him.
But..takes a lot of effort to get this man's heart.

Then I have this dream shoes. Nike shoes, saw them last week. It's like ballerina shoes, flat and with satin strap. Perfect combination between technology and fashion. When my foot slipped to the shoes, nothing I felt beside total comfort. I want them so bad. The price is quite wallet damaging. Need serious thought before purchase it.

Well, if somehow my dream man refuses my love then at least..can I have my dream shoes to cheer me up.....

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