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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Adrenaline

Woke up with headache, but didn't stop me to decide going to the gym. It's never wrong going to the gym I thought. It's best leisure time when I'm broke ^-^. So it was good. I really enjoyed my Sunday gym. The gym is quite, no need to queue for the machines. No grunting men, no bulky and ugly men who often dropping the weights. It's just so right. Traffic is also quite on Sundays.

Another advantage is I have more time for my beauty treatment; body scrub and hair mask.

Not to forget on the way back from gym, my dream man called..aaawww..very nice surprise. I didn't expect he'd call. I think he's happy if I spend time in the gym than nagging him why no text message or phone call *giggle* but I think it shows my appreciation if his gift : a life time gym membership and Nike shoes.

See...why I can't get over him and always fall for him?????

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