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Monday, December 13, 2010

103rd Post

Heyy...I didn't realize this is my 103rd post. I'm such productive writer today. What's the trigger?
Well, I have no idea why that english woman called me again. Somehow, she opened the old scar back. Which I don't need. I have struggled overcome the pain that John Tucker caused me. Now, because of her the flashes of his evil, the beast, heartless stuff he did to me came back. Struggling from the start again. So, I decided to delete her name from my BB. I just want to live in peace.

Luckily, the first bright side is I'm now again closer to Allah, having my faith thickened again. Allah always has HIS magical hands to help me. Again, one blessed woman. And while browsing in YouTube, I found english nasheed singer, Sami Yusuf and wow... he's very handsome.

Another good thing is, because I really need diversion from the pain, I put my thoughts in my blog. It will take few days again to remove the pain. With Allah's help I'm sure I will get through this.

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