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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Bag Full of Happines : Don't Know Why I'm Happy

Wowww...this is good right? Feeling happy without reason. It just in me. I'm feeling happy, excited and all the positive feelings.

It's been just less than a month, I joined Wallstreet Institute but I like the atmosphere so far. Only few staff who are seems ignorance. But,m I don't bother. It's less stressful in my new place. I have more time to do writing workshop ( the institute provides it for free !! ) . I have new friends at the gym now. Well...since my gym hour is changed to morning, so I found good friendship with some members who usually come in the morning. The great part is, some of them are also studying in the place where I teach. So cool huh?

Ok..what else? what else that make me feel happy now...hmmm..maybe because I go to the gym more often now. More endorphine produced. Thatsn good...hmmm...what else ya??

So far only those reasons above make me happy....yeaaahhh I'm happy!!!!

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